Slab Leaks

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Slab leaks are small leaks which develop underneath the floor of a home or commercial buildings. In most cases, slab leaks are not visible because they are hidden under a concrete slab. Slab leaks are often not detected for weeks or longer. A common indicator that a water leak is present is sudden spikes in a water bill. If a water bill surprisingly increases from 50 to 100 percent, an under slab water leak is a likely cause.


What causes a slab leak?

A slab leak is typically a very small hole in a pipe underneath a concrete slab. Although very small, this hole gradually leaks water. Generally, there are three indicators that a slab leak is present:

Running water sounds are present even when no faucets or appliances which use water are running.
A surprisingly high water bill which is several times higher than normal water usage fees.
Water can actually be seen coming through the slab.

Typically there are no signs of mold or other indications, and because slab leaks do not always penetrate the slab they may go undetected for some time. If you’re suspicious that your slab may be leaking or other plumbing related issue is present you should contact Kenz Plumbing in Oxnard and Ventura County to discuss the issue.

Slab leaks are typically traced back to piping in which defective copper, low-quality copper, or bad plumbing workmanship was present. Sometimes piping and materials fails and a repipe will be required.

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Can a slab leak damage my home or property if not detected quickly?

Very seldom does any structural damage occur as the result of slab leak. A slab leak is usually detected before it causes any significant damage. The water leak is usually the size of a pinhole. This small hole allows water to continually leak out very slowly. Over time it can result in a significant build of water. Leaked water usually stays under the house and saturates into the ground soil. This can potentially cause a cavity if the house’s foundation was not properly compacted. This is a rare event and in general, there is little concern over structural damage as the result of a slab leak.

Repipe concerns.

To fix water leaks underneath concrete slabs plumbers must repipe the leak. A concern with repipe repairs is new leaks occurring in the repaired area. For this reason, we may suggest an alternative plumbing solution which is generally less invasive and provides a permanent solution to the water leaks.

Have a slab leak?

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