Sewer Replacement

With the aging infrastructure and drought conditions, sewer lines are failing due to a number of issues, including root intrusion, shifting soil and aging cast iron drain lines.

Trenchless, or pipe bursting for sewer replacement is a cutting edge, fast, non-intrusive, and the most effective way to replace a line.

We can replace any sewer line in your house, front yard or out in the street with top quality workmanship and materials.

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$300 off of a sewer replacement

I live in an older home and I know I need my sewer replaced soon. What would I expect to pay?

Simply put, costs vary and no one solution fits all. While there may be a wide range between estimates from multiple companies, our pricing commitment is to provide a fair estimate, reflective of the work needed. We’ve very competitive and our sewer replacement estimates are always free. Talk to us, you’ll be glad you did.

Free Sewer Estimate

How do I determine whether my sewer needs a spot repair or full replacement?

Generally the age and condition of your sewer line will determine your options. Sometimes the overall condition makes it difficult to make connections from the newly repaired line to the old line. Some lines only require a spot repair to remove a local root intrusion, perhaps around a mature tree – with the remaining line being in great condition.

Rest assured, we will give you all options and recommendations in our free estimate.

Free Sewer Estimate

What are my payment options? Can I pay over time?

Yes you can. We offer an 18-month interest free loan, along with other payment option plans through our partner Synchrony Bank. There’s a simple 1 page application and usually approval within an hour. It’s easy.

How intrusive is a sewer replacement & how long will I be without facilities?

Our trenchless sewer replacement is both cutting edge and non-intrusive. Usually, we avoid unnecessary trenching and the associated mess. Typically, you will be without facilities for only a few hours.

Do I need to get City permits and inspection?

We pull permit for all of our jobs and all work is completed to code and City inspected and accepted, guaranteed.

We pull the permits and schedule the city inspection as part of our scope of work.

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