Pipe Repair Ventura

At Kenz Plumbing we are specialized in any kind of piping or re-piping works. Our technical team is a phone call away to help with your pipe repair in Ventura.

How do you know if a pipe has burst?

Luckily, if we can say so, a burst pipe is immediately visible by the damp spot that it will leave behind. The signs are associated with water presence and can include:

  • Flooding – this is the most obvious sign of a burst pipe, and you will notice the puddles on the floor of your house. However, if the line is behind a wall, either your neighbors will start complaining, or you will see the water meter spinning like crazy.
  • Mildew and mold – damp spots associated with a leaky pipe are a perfect environment for mold to grow
  • Patches of extra green grass – a leaky pipe outside your house will create moisture in excess for vegetation to grow wildly.

In any case, it would be better to call a specialist in pipe repair in Ventura to help you identify the problem and offer a solution. Water and moisture can lead to structural damages to your house, so it is advisable to fix the issue at the earliest.

Fixing a broken pipe inside the house

A minor pipe leakage can be fixed by yourself with a solution available in your local DIY store. In case the damage is quite extensive is better to call a professional plumber. Our specialist will do an initial assessment and will discuss with you the solutions that can include several steps:

  • Cut off a section of the damaged wall – after locating the burst pipe, he will remove the wall around it to get access it. This step will be applicable only if the pipeline is not freely visible.
  • Locating the leakage – if the pipe is not visibly leaking and if he cannot identify the damaged area, the plumber will wipe the pipe with a dry cloth to see from where the leakage comes.
  • Replacement or patching the pipe – if it is possible, we will apply a local patch that can fix temporary the problem. However, for a long-lasting solution, we are recommending the replace the damaged section. For this, we will have to make a wider opening into the wall to ensure the integrity of the joints between the new and the old pipes.

What do you have to do if a pipe breaks in your house?

Once you are sure that you have a broken pipe, you must take immediately three steps: stop the water, locate the broken pipe, and bring in a professional pipe repair in Ventura team. The first step is essential in avoiding the damage to spread to other parts of your house.

The second step is equally essential when explaining the nature of the damage to our customer care at Kenz Plumbing. With regards to the last step, it is our responsibility to fix the problem fast, to your complete satisfaction.

Pipe Repair Ventura

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