Foundation Leak Ventura

Though foundation leaks aren’t an emergency plumbing issue, they can be hard to detect for someone who’s not knowledgeable about them. Here we explain how to detect foundation leaks and their causes. If you suspect there’s a foundation leak and don’t know what to do, Kenz Plumbing can find and fix your foundation leak in Ventura.

What’s a foundation leak?

Foundation leaks simply mean that unwanted water, such as rainwater is seeping through under your basement foundation. While it may not cause immediate problems, it’s not something that should go unnoticed. Foundation leaks can compromise the structural integrity of your home and encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

There are many causes and signs for foundation leaks. But usually, it occurs when the soil under and around the foundation becomes saturated with water during heavy rain. As the foundation becomes saturated, it expands, and over time, this can cause mechanical structural damage to your home, such as cracks, outside fissures, and even inside wall damages.

What are the signs of a foundation leak?

The most conspicuous sign of foundation leaks are cracks in the foundation material, as water absorption can make the soil underneath swell up. You will also see an increasing amount of mildew or mold growth in your foundation.

 Are there musty smells in your foundation too? This could also indicate foundation leaks. If there are broken hot water pipes underneath, you will fee hotspots on the floor where some places feel warmer than others.

These signs aren’t always visible. So, if you see cracks and increasing mold in your basement, it could be a foundation leak or something less serious. It’s better to call a plumber to make sure; we can find the causes and fix any foundation leak in Ventura.

The causes of foundation leaks

Foundation leaks happen when nearby water seeps into the foundation, causing structural damage to it. The most likely being the soil near the foundation being saturated with water and expanding under the foundation.

Other issues causes of foundation leaks include:

  • Improper grading- Outdoor landscaping in your garden should navigate water away from the foundation. But since bad weather can cause changes in the movement of soil, the grading should be checked and adjusted regularly.
  • Bad Downspouts or Footing Drains- If your downspouts are damaged or poorly designed and start to leak, water will pool up near the basement. Footing drains could also be damaged or blocked by root ingress (from nearby trees) causing water to collect near the foundation.
  • Window Wells- If basement window wells don’t have adequate draining, water will seep through to the foundation.
  • A sump pump isn’t working- Sump pumps are designed to keep water away from the foundation. So, if it’s broken, water will continue to pool up near the foundation.

If you’re seeing cracks in the foundation, increasing growth of mildew or mold, there could be a foundation leak in your house. If you’re looking to fix foundation leak in Ventura, Kenz Plumbing will take care of it for you!

Foundation Leak Ventura

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