Copper Repipe Ventura

The water lines in most homes - especially in older homes - consist of galvanized piping, which will naturally rust and deteriorate over time. As the rust builds up inside of your home's old pipes, the smooth flow of water becomes more and more obstructed and causes the added build up of disgusting gunk and slime throughout your pipes. Although there may be no noticeable difference in water pressure at the street level, you will begin to notice that less water is reaching your faucet and shower fixtures. This equates to low water pressure in your sinks and showers, as well as for your sprinklers and washing machine. However, this isn't only annoying phenomenon that you'll experience with old rusted pipes.

When is it Time for a Copper Repipe in Ventura?

You'll also begin to experience frustrating situations, such as being frozen or scalded in your shower. This will happen anytime someone flushes the toilet or turns the water on in a different part of your home. You may also notice that your water becomes dirty-looking, foul-smelling, and undesirable for consumption. This is also a result of rust and deterioration.

You may also begin to notice unsightly rust spots on your washed clothes and linen. Undetected leaks can begin to develop in places that you can't see, such as behind your walls, in your attic, and under your home, resulting in serious water damage to your home. A simple and effective solution is to have your current galvanized piping replaced with copper piping. Kenz Plumbing specializes in copper repiping in Ventura. Give us a call to complete your job.

Call Kenz Plumbing for a Copper Repipe in Ventura

Unlike galvanized piping, copper pipes won't rust. That is why Kenz Plumbing offers a lifetime warranty on all of our copper pipe installations. When you contact Kenz Plumbing for a copper repipe in Ventura, you can rest assured that you are going to get high-quality workmanship and professionalism at its finest. Our master technicians specialize in copper repiping, so you can count on us to be dressed for the job, courteous, fast, and efficient. Plus, Kenz Plumbing prides itself on a quality installation at an affordable price.

What to Expect During a Copper Repipe Installation from Kenz Plumbing

All of our plumbing technicians undergo continuous training to keep our clients' homes as clean as possible and to keep the intrusion minimal while the copper repiping work is being done. For instance, we'll take the necessary steps to protect your floors and keep your home free of debris each day that we work.

Once your new copper pipes have been installed, our technicians will then expertly patch your walls, which will leave a smooth, clean surface that can be painted. Although it might not seem like a big deal, you will be pleasantly surprised at the noticeable difference that a new copper repipe will make in your home!

Copper Repipe Ventura

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